TouchMyWife – Show Me What You Did – Zoey Sinn, James Angel

Description: Getting cheated on is the worst. Especially by your wife. Even when you forgive & start to trust her again, you can’t stop thinking about it. How she got fucked. How much she liked it. Was the other guy’s dick bigger? What positions did they do it in?? Did She cum!? It drives you crazy! I confront my wife Zoey Sinn, her nipples poking through her top already. I ask her all the questions and she tries to play it off all cool, not giving me anything. I tell her if she wants to save our marraige, she has to fuck this guy (James Angel) again while I watch, hidden from them.
Finally I’ve had enough, I walk in on them – the stud is nervous but I tell him not to worry. I want to watch from closer. He starts eating my wife’s pussy again, right in front of me now. He fucks her with his big dick in doggy again, making her eyes roll. She gets on top of him and rides him fast, making her cum hard on his thick dick – right in front of me, no shame. He gets on top of my wife & fucks the hell out of her in her missionary until he cums all over soft skin. Now, I’ve got all the answers I want. Next question… when can we do this again??

Models – Zoey Sinn

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