PureTaboo – Matters Into Her Own Hands – Ella Reese, Quinton Janes, Robby Echo

Description: Sarah (Ella Reese) is having a heated argument over the phone with her husband, Donnie (Quinton James), who is currently out-of-town. It’s revealed that Sarah cluelessly did insider trading because of a friend and that a government investigator is now being sent to their house that day to check their finances. Donnie is in utter disbelief over his wife’s careless actions, which has now landed them BOTH in hot water.
Donnie confronts Sarah, furious that she defied his orders. Meanwhile, Sarah is angry that Donnie is so bossy and underestimates her. Meanwhile, John is thoroughly amused by the argument, telling them that he enjoys taking on cases involving couples because of just how far couples are often willing to go. That’s when he starts taunting Donnie, wondering how far HE’LL go, which leads to an all-out threesome.

Models – Ella Reese

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