DevilsFilm – Wife-Swap Schemes #02 – Lexi Luna, Van Wylde

Description: Van Wylde shows his buddy Alex Mack some land where he’s going to have a new house built. Alex is impressed, saying that he’s sure Van’s wife Gabi Paltrova will love it. Speaking of wives, Van thinks Alex’s wife Lexi Luna is pretty hot, and he knows that Alex thinks Gabi is hot. Van suggests that they swap wives for just one time, so that way both couples could spice up their lives a bit. Alex is shocked at first, but then admits it sounds hot. Luckily, Van has an idea to make it happen!
Once Van and Lexi are alone in one of the other rooms, Van brings up the swapping idea, explaining how it would be a great time for everyone. Lexi is surprised at first, but when she finds out that Alex and Gabi are into the idea already, she admits that she’s interested too. She kisses Van and sucks on his cock, then gets onto the bed so he can eat her out and fuck her. Looks like Van was right about this being a great time!

Models – Lexi Luna

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